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About the book

Illustration collection by Jeehyung Lee, a Korean artist recognized on the ‘MARVEL’ and ‘DC’ world stage!

This presents Jeehyung Lee’s history from the early stages of entering into the digital art world, through to growth and how he became the best, showing everything about the technology and artistry of digital art.

This is the must-read book for those who want to be digital illustrators.


Excerpt from prologue [Hello. This is Jeehyung Lee. I am publishing this without an excellent resume or large body of work. I edited it chronologically from the early stage pictures onward. Since they are my older drawings, they are not satisfactory, but I wanted to show them to readers. I hope the process of improving these images and paintings will help those in the same field.]


About author

Jeehyung Lee is an artist active in US entertainment industry with companies like ‘MARVEL’ and ‘DC’.

He has been publishing and selling his books in the USA. His acquiring of such a copyright is a first for a Korean artist. This is very unusual considering that artists who have 10 or even 20 years of experience with a wide range of fans haven’t been able to do this.

Jeehyung Lee worked as the art director for Netmarble and designed the new MARVEL character. He is also the first Korean to lead the production of original characters in the MARVEL universe. Through this process, female heroes named Luna Snow, who was made with the concept of a K-POP idol, and Sharon Rogers, the daughter of Captain America, were created. Luna Snow has been popular among users and is being published as the comic series ‘New Agents of Atlas’.

The reasons Jeehyung Lee is being acknowledged in the USA, where there are many great illustrators, are his creative concepts and expressions which were not seen often in the US comics industry.



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