<Glimmer Intro>

-Genre: Fantasy, Drama

-Format : Webtoon

-Author: Chaeyoung Park (Pen name : Noi)

-Synopsis: The land of darkness where King Devil rules, The age of Darkness.

Queen Devil, Mebrelgis who is oppressed finds the light of Elf. And, she informs King Devil what she finds but is insulted by King Devil. She secretively paves the revolution…

-Features: This webtoon is a nice work with elaborative illustration with charming story featuring heroine. In particular, the heroine overcomes all the challenges to rule the world which gives a point of lesson learned.

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<Comicman Blues Intro>

-Genre: Action, Sports

-Format; Webtoon

-Author: Sangmo Yoo (Pen name: Terang)

-Synopsis: Gunwoo who is known as action cartoonist ended up being ignored by people around him including his apprentice, his publisher and even his girl friend which is all due to his reckless behavior. One day, he meets Dalkwon who helps him to debut and is told to fight in the ring if he wants to publish his work. This offer is overwhelming to accept for him but his reality drives him only to accept the offer. Gunwoo has gone through all the training to be a fighter and fights in the ring. This life learning experience gives a moment of awakening that all his previous works are just trash and violent ones.


Features: This cartoon actually draws the author’s actual experience to make semifinal in the fight tournament although he has zero experience in the beginning. This self accomplishing story only with youth and efforts is popular among the youth who are frustrated by the reality






<Gangster Puppy Yongpari Intro>

– Genro: Comic, Daily life

– Format; Webtoon

– Author: Sangmo Yoo (Pen name: Terang)

– Synopsis: Yongpal Go who is number 2 in Gangster group, Gorodi, gets killed in nowhere under the daylight because his gang betrays him. But his time has not yet come. An accountable in the world of death decides to go back to the world of life but his body is totally decayed not to exist any more. After all, Yongpal is reincarnated to be a puppy of a rich family which might give him easy life. His life being a puppy is supposed to be good but this is just a beginning of his journey of suffer.

Feature: Yongpal chooses an easy life but ends up being a suffering puppy. Each episode is witty and well drawn to sympathize the main character which draws audience’s attention very well.





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